Birmingham MCM Comic Con

Last weekend Joe and I went to Birmingham MCM Comic Con with my dad, brother and uncle. We have been going every year for the past 5 or 6 years.

What Is Comic Con?

In case you have never heard of Comic Con or are unsure what is it is; it is a comic book and movie convention. It consist of a memorabilia area what is a lot of stalls selling various merchandise. They have a stage area where they have a few talks over the weekend. There is also an autograph area where you can meet a number of actors and receive an autograph for various prices. On a Saturday the general tickets are £12.50 and give you entry from 11am. If you pay £18 for a priority ticket you can to enter at 9am. My family and I always buy priority tickets as we think it is worth the money. It is quiter at 9am and give you the full amount of time to have a look around.

What We Wore

comic con cosplay toy story buzz and woody

A big part of going to Comic Con is cosplay. Joe and I love dressing up for it; usually we do a cheaper more casual version of characters. This year we decided to go as Buzz and Woody from Toy Story as Toy Story 4 has not long been in cinemas. We ordered some hoodies from Ebay for £20 and then worse jeans and shoes we already had. The hoodies were not the best quality but they were perfect for Comic Con.

The Day

I had a really good day with my family. We walked round from 9-12 and then had a quick break in Wetherspoons. Comic Con finished at 6pm and we were there until about half 4. Joe and I bought a couple of bits and pieces:

  • Voldermorts Wand
  • Toy Story Alien Figure
  • Futurama Planet Express Figure
  • Harry Potter Book Mark
  • Harry Potter Mystery Figure Box

I think we walked over 10,000 and our feet really felt like we did. It is a really tiring day but I love going. One of my favourite parts is seeing everyone else in cosplay. I love working out who people are and who is the most popular character this year.

I would highly recommend going to Comic Con if you loves anything a little bit geeky; it covers so many franchises. One day I would like to go to the London one or even the San Diego one.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my day out at Birmingham MCM Comic Con. I did vlog the whole day as well so if you are interested in seeing more head over to my YouTube channel to watch that.

Speak Soon


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