Tv Shows I’ve Recently Watched Part 3

It is time for another Shows I’ve Recently Watched post. In case you did not already realise, I am big TV series watcher. I love getting hooked on a new series and I am still making my way through my list of shows to watch.

Dead Pixels

Centres on three mates whose world revolves around their obsession for the fictional MMORPG Kingdom Scrolls, splitting between their real and virtual lives, and how they crossover (IMDB)

Joe and I saw this advertised quite a lot on E4 and thought it would be our type of show. We were right. We both really enjoyed it and we binged watched all the episodes. There were only 6 episodes so it did not take long for us to finish it. It was really funny and we are hoping there will be a second series


Cuckoo is every parent’s worst nightmare – a slacker full of outlandish, New Age ideas (IMDB)

I know this show has been around for a while (5 years to be exact) but I had only previously seen the odd episode. When I first saw the odd episode years ago I did not know who Andy Samberg was but because of Brooklyn Nine Nine I now do so I liked Cuckoo more than I did before (even though he was only in the first series). I am also a fan of Greg Davies. Season 2-4 has Taylor Launter in and the series is still really good. The last season is okay. Joe and I were not sure whether to watch it or not but we did. The season was still enjoyable but not as good as the previous ones.

Men Behaving Badly

Two early thirties best friends live together while having completely different personalities. While their girlfriends try to help them take on more responsibilities the boys seldom respond well and usually end up drinking together (IMDB

This was recommend to me by Joe and I thought I would give it a go; he usually has good taste. I had heard of it before but never watched any episodes. We skipped season 1 as it was a different actor and Joe said season 2 onward was better. This show is classic British humour. Gary and Tony are just typical men and the way they live together is the way I imagine lads live together. I would definitely recommend watching this if you are in to classic 90’s British shows.

Jonathon Creek

Working from his home in a converted windmill, Jonathan Creek is a magician with a natural ability for solving puzzles. He soon puts this ability to the use of solving impossible crimes and mysterious murders (IMDB)

Another one of Joe’s recommendations. I have seen Alan Davies on QI and in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and I think he is funny. We had also not long finished watching Men Behaving Badly which Caroline Quentin is also in so I thought it would be a good show. This is not my usual kind of TV show to watch but I really enjoyed it. It is such a clever show and it is so hard to guess what happened. In some episodes I guessed parts of what happened but only the really obvious or small details.

Technically we have not finished this yet. Caroline Quentin leaves after Season 3 and we are not sure how good it was without her as I really liked her and Jonathon together. We did watch a couple episodes of Season 4 and they were still alright but personally I felt like it was not as good as the previous 3.

As you can probably tell I really enjoy watching comedy series and at the moment 90’s British shows.

I hope you enjoyed Part 3 of TV Shows I’ve Recently Watched. As always please recommend any shows you think I should watch

Speak Soon


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