My Cosy Night In Essentials

As the weather is starting to get a lot colder and miserable I thought it was the perfect time for me to talk about my Cosy Night In Essentials. Autumn is a really cosy season and Winter can be that cold that you just do not feel like going out the house; so a night in is the best thing.


So I think this is the most important step to the perfect cosy night in. You have to be wearing you favourite and most comfortable pj’s. Whenever I am at home I will more than likely be wearing pj’s especially this time of the year.


There are so many great films to choose from for this season. You have to of course watch Hocus Pocus, it is an Autumn classic. A lot of people like to watch the Harry Potter series around this season as well (any season is a good time for Harry Potter films). There are lots of lists on Google for the best films to watch this Autumn.


There is nothing cosier than being under a blanket. You feel really relaxed and warm which are the best feelings for a cosy night in.


Do I even need to explain how important lighting a candle is?


Movie nights and snacks go hand in hand; they are the perfect pair. There is so much chocolate and sweets in shops at the moment for Halloween so there is plenty of choice.


Of course you can have a cosy night in by yourself but I find company improves the night. My perfect night in is a movie night with Joe and our dog Rory.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Cosy Night In Essentials. Let me know what your essentials are

Speak Soon


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