One Year Anniversary Of Finishing University

As it is around my one year anniversary on finishing University I thought I would write a post about how my first year of being a graduate has been. Technically I did not become a graduate until this January (I passed my exam in august but the ceremony was not until January) I did write a post about the whole day in case you are interested in that as well.

Graduation Day
Have I got a job?

So, I feel like the big thing to address is my job situation. Unfortunately I am still in the same job I started during uni. I have been applying to jobs over the last year but I have only had about 5 interviews. The last rejection I received after an interview really got to me. I thought the interview went perfectly, I really liked them and they seemed to like me; however my lack of experience was the reason I did not get the job. This is what a lot of places have said when they are rejecting me; which is so annoying. How are you meant to gain experience when no one will give you the experience?

Do I miss Uni?

Let’s be honest I of course miss the student loan. Who wouldn’t miss being given a chunk of money everyone 3 months?  I was not a big fan of university so no, I wouldn’t say I miss it. I do miss the people I met as I made some good friends there but sadly we have not stayed in touch with each other. However as much as I hated my whole time there it did almost give me a sense of purpose and direction. At the moment I do feel a bit lost as I am not sure what career direction I am heading to. I’m almost feeling like I wasted 3 years getting a degree for no reason as it has not helped me get a job. I know the right job is out there for me, I just need to keep applying until I find it.

If I could go back would I change anything?

This is a difficult. Obviously you can’t go back in time and people always say you shouldn’t look back only forwards. Part of me thinks that if I could back in time I would choose not to go to university and get an apprenticeship instead. I also feel like if I could go back, I would still go but undertake a placement year to gain some experience. The reason I didn’t as I applied to a couple, got rejected and then decided I just wanted to get university out of the way so I didn’t want to do a placement. However part of me does still feel like that everything does happen for a reason and it may take me some time but my degree will have been worth it.

So in conclusion the last year has been a bit confusing. Sorry that this post has basically been me ranting about how I feel but I want to be honest on my blog. I just want to add as well that everyone’s university experience is different; this is just how I feel about mine. Hoped you enjoyed finidng out how I feel about my one year anniversary on finishing university.

Speak Soon


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