My Top 5 Curvy/ Plus Size Summer Outfits

As it is the middle of summer I thought I would share my top 5 curvy/ plus Size summer outfits that I have loved wearing (when it is actually sunny for once)

Before I move onto the outfits I just wanted to talk to you about my size. So before I started losing weight I was a size 18/20; since losing weight I am now a 14 on top and 16/18 on the bottom. I know some shops & people would class me as plus sized and I know other wouldn’t. I just wanted to mention this as I don’t want to offend or annoy anyone by the title as it doesn’t matter what size you are, what category you’re classed as; everyone is beautiful.

Outfit 1

If you read my Primark haul post you would recognise this outfit. This is the perfect outfit for when it is boiling outside as the shorts are made of a thin linen material. I am obsessed with these vests from Primark. They were only £1.80 and they have adjustable straps! It is so annoying when you buy a top and the straps keep falling down so this vest is perfect as you can make the straps as tight as you want. For shoes I paired the outfit with my white leather converse. I have had these for years which is why they look very grubby. This outfit is very summery and girly.

Outfit 2

Outfit is for when it is sunny outside but not overly warm. I only wear white tops and blue jeans in spring and summer as I prefer wearing darker clothes in autumn and winter. The crop top is from Primark and I think it looks a lot better and more flattering with the top button undone. The high waited jeans were from New Look a few years ago and I rolled the bottom up as they are way too long for me so end up bunching up a lot. My Vans are my everyday footwear; I basically live in them and not much else.

Outfit 3

I really like this outfit as it covers the tops of my arms. I’m not keen on my bingo wings so I like wearing t-shirts sometimes to cover them up. The top is from Asda and it looks really nice with blue denim. It ties up the bottom which I’m not that keen on so I tucked into my skirt from Primark so you can’t see the tie. The sandals were also from Primark but they this style is everywhere at the moment. Under the skirt I wear some shape wear shorts from Primark just to hide my stomach a little bit.

Outfit 4

This is my new favourite dress. I bought this recently from New Look for my friend’s wedding.  I think it is so flattering and just really pretty. The sandals I am wearing are also from New Look however they are from a few years ago. This is the kind of outfit that is perfect for a holiday or a day trip to the seaside. Personally I wouldn’t wear this just out and about in my local town. If it got a bit colder in the evening I think a denim jacket would look nice with it, mine is Boohoo but from Asos and I bought it about 2 years ago. The denim jacket also makes the dress look a bit more casual if that’s the vibe you wanted to go for.

Outfit 5

Outfit 5 is for a hot day when I’m feeling body confidence or it is boiling and I don’t want to sweat to death. Mustard is one of my favourite colours to wear and this body suit is from New Look. I bought this body suit a couple years ago as I love wearing a bodysuit for a night out as it saves tucking in a top so I thought I would buy a daytime one. My shorts are from Primark and they are really stretchy and comfortable. Again I am just wearing my vans with this outfit.

Hope you liked seeing my top 5 curvy/ plus Size summer outfits. I basically wear a lot of New Look and Primark clothes.

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6 thoughts on “My Top 5 Curvy/ Plus Size Summer Outfits

  1. I seriously can’t pick one outfit because all are so gorgeous and you’re slaying in everyone ❤️❤️


    1. Thank you! Thats really nice of you to say x


  2. I love these looks especially outfit 4 the dress really suits you! Thank you so much for sharing 💗

    Jess ||


    1. Thank you! Lovely comment X


  3. Very cute outfits! I love 3 & 4 the best!



    1. Thank you. I’m obsessed with the dress x


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