The Girlfriend (Fiancée Tag)

For Valentines Day I posted the Boyfriend Tag; as it’s mine and Joe’s 7 year anniversary on Sunday I thought it would be fun to answer the Girlfriend (Fiancée) tag

When/where did you meet my parents?

S: I met your parents August 2012 (I think it was the 9th) We were going to Barmouth for the day so they picked me up from my house and we had a 2.5 hour car journey!

J:I think that’s right; you’re better with the dates than I am. It was a bit intense for a first meet I guess ha

Who said “I love you” first?

S: You did. We were walking around a park and I had just punched you in the face (a playful punch not in a horrible way) I remember standing by a tree and you were hinting that you loved me. You said I didn’t have to say it back if I didn’t want to and then told me you love me

J: Really glad you did say it back though, would’ve been really awkward if you hadn’t

What’s my weirdest habit?

S: You don’t really have any weird habits, you have a LOT of annoying habits

J: That’s your opinion…

What am I good at?

S: Annoying me. I’m joking (sort of) you’re good at making me laugh and being there for me. You’re good at DIY things, designing stuff. There’s actually quite a lot you’re good at to be honest

J: Aww thanks. ‘Good’ at DIY is a stretch, more like bodge it and hope

What’s my favorite song?

S: I don’t think you have one. You tend to go through phases of loving a song and then move onto a different one

J: As a general rule yeah but I love it when I hear something I used to like and its stuck in my head for days like one I heard today; the bongo song

If I could go anywhere, where would it be?

S: You would just love being anywhere hot, but I know you do want to go to the Caribbean

J: Yeah the Caribbean looks like the pinnacle of sand, sea and sun bathing with a drink holidays

What is something you wish I didn’t do?

S: How many things should I mention? It has to be either the constant need for tapping/ drumming or the loud eating

J: I am a still a firm believer that the loud eating is your issue but it’s weird cause everyone else I know must also have the same issue…

I’m ordering a pizza. What toppings does it have?

S: EVERYTHING! Every meat you can have

J: Yeah too right with a bbq base, something spicy and a dip like sour cream. Shall we order one now?

If I could, what sweet could I eat all day long?

S: 100% would be a maple and pecan plait

J: Definitely! Although I do know your original answer was waffles with nutella which is a very close second

What am I deathly afraid of?

S: Death, I think it’s the not knowing what happens after you die

J: Pretty much sums it up yeah

What’s my nickname?

S: Your friends give you some interesting ones that I probably shouldn’t mention but I sometimes call you Jobo (because its Joe mixed with hobo)

J: I miss Jobo, I think that one’s faded away now and yeah my friends nicknames for me don’t need repeating online

What’s my middle name?

S: Michael. Remember when we were watching a film and in the credits was the name Michael and you said “Is that Michael or Michelle?) That was so funny

J: I did it again last week at work lol. Read it three times before I realised

Where was our first trip together?

S: Our first day trip together was to Barmouth and our first weekend trip away was to Stratford upon Avon for our second Valentine’s Day

J: Stratford was great. It was fun sometimes trying to get around on trains and buses

How do I drink my coffee/tea?

S: You don’t often drink tea. You drink your coffee black as it’s easier but you’ll drink it however someone makes it

J: Yeah I’m easy, I’ll quite happily drink it two hours cold too

How long do I need in the morning to get ready?

S: 20- 30 minutes

J: If I cut it down to the essential I reckon I could be out the door in 10 and I think I have done when I needed the extra lie in

If I become famous, what will it be for?

S: Probably designing. You’re really good at it and should believe in yourself more

J: I honestly don’t know but all I can think of is something bad like being on the news for swearing in front of the Pope or the Queen

Am I a morning or an evening person?

S: Definitely an evening person, you hate going to bed and would stay up all night if you could

J: Yeah going to sleep feels like your admitting defeat on the day

What was my first job?

S: Paper round (if that counts) If not working in the Nisa

J: Correct although technically they were both in the Nisa

What did you learn from me?

S: I’ve learnt quite a bit from you. I’ve learnt to have more faith in myself and that I shouldn’t think so little of myself as well. I’ve learnt how to play poker, how to play pool. My favourite thing I’ve learnt is how amazing a Chinese tastes

J: Haha trying new foods does seem to be a big one at the moment yeah. I don’t think you give yourself enough credit though. The confidence is all you

Who is the organized one in the relationship?

S: I’m definitely more organised when it comes to remembering plans and birthdays but you’re more organised in the tidy way

J: Yeah not necessary cleaning tidy but I do hate seeing shoes littered around the flat and junk on the coffee table. The flipside is you are my diary

If I was an animal, which one would I be?

S: This question is so hard. I honestly don’t know, but if I had to choose I’d probably say a monkey. You hate sitting still so I can just imagine you spending all day swinging through trees. You’re also quite hairy

J: To be fair I think I’d be a weird combination of a sloth and a dog that can’t help but chase its tail

What’s the first thing I would buy if I won the lottery?

S: I think you’d be sensible and you’d buy a house or at least put some of the money to a mortgage deposit (depending on how much you won)

J:I do think you’re right; those things would definitely be high on the list. But if I am honest I would probably buy a big celebratory Chinese because we both know food is always my first thought

I hope you liked this post. I really enjoyed answering the questions and I loved having Joe involved with my blog.

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2 thoughts on “The Girlfriend (Fiancée Tag)

  1. You two are so cute! You seem to have a really lovely connection. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you! Sometimes we are like the same person x


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