My graduation

So a week ago today I finally graduated from university. I should have graduated in July however I failed my exam and had to retake in August. It’s been such a long wait as I found out id passed in late August so I’ve been waiting since then for the ceremony.

My ceremony started at half past 10 however we got there for around 8:15am as we wanted to make sure we had enough time to get my photograph took. The first thing we did was go to the registration desk to find out all the information we needed. I didn’t have to go and collect my gown as we had bought so it was posted to my dad’s house. From the registration desk I went to the photography place. We bought 4 different packages; one on my own, one with my dad and brother, one with my mom and brother and one of me and Joe. There was a slight problem as my hat was too big for me but one of the staff members at the photography section got some hair grips for me and helped to sort it.

As we got through photography so quickly we had about an hour until we had to be seated so we grabbed some drinks from Starbucks and just chatted for a while. Then we had to go and find our seats. I was sitting in the stalls with the other graduates, my mom and dad were in the circle and Joe and my brother were in the grand tier. I left my bag with Joe as I had read that we may not end up in the same seats after walking across the stage (I actually ended up the other side of the room) so it was a good idea to not have it with me.

I went to Birmingham City University (not sure if I’ve ever said) so my chancellor is Lenny Henry. He was really funny in his speech and is a really nice guy. There were over 450 students graduating so there was a lot of clapping to do and every now and again the clapping would start dying down but he told the audience to cheer up their clapping and make sure every student gets a good clap as there may be some people who were on their own. Each row of students were taken to the back of the stage and after their name was called walked across to shake Lenny’s hand and someone else’s (can’t remember who he was, possibly vice chancellor?) you then walked down the corridor and back to the stalls. The ceremony lasted around 2 hours and after there were some refreshments you could have. We stayed for around half an hour ish. On the way home I stopped off at one of my grandparents to say hi. Then once we were back Joe and I had some drinks to celebrate and ordered a Chinese for tea.

Saturday I went to my other grandparents to show them my gown and take some photos. Then on Sunday I had a family meal with my dad’s side of the family, which was really nice. I’m having a meal with my mom’s side of a family in a few weeks.

I had such a lovely weekend and uni is finally over for good! I’m excited to start the next chapter of my life.

Speak soon



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