2019 Goals

Happy New Year!!! I hope you had a fab Christmas and are enjoying the start of another year.

A new year is a great opportunity to make changes in your life. I don’t set resolutions as I feel they put too much pressure on you. So instead I set little goals that I would love to achieve but if I don’t achieve them I’ll try again the following year.

Get a new job

This is one of my main goals for this year. I’m still at the job I got to earn extra money while I was studying at uni. I finished my degree in August and I have my graduation ceremony in just over a week. I’ve been applying to job nearly every day and I have had a couple interviews so I’m just hoping the perfect job will find me soon. I’m excited to get a job that will give me more of a routine. Its awkward working shifts as I never know exactly when I’m going to be working until I get my shifts so planning things can sometimes be difficult (I am quite lucky as I don’t work weekends)

Get to my target weight

I’ve spoken about this before on a previous post. I am currently a member of slimming world and have been since June. I absolutely love slimming world and it really is working for me so I want to continue losing weight and I’m hoping by the end of this year I will be at my target weight. I’m feeling so motivated and determined to make this happen.

Go on more walks

When we go on walks with Rory we mainly walk around the streets by our house. There are a couple places we know to go for nice picturesque walks but I want to find more.

Save money

This is another big goal of mine for this year. Joe and I are trying to save for a house. Ever since moving in together we’ve been saving a little bit here and there but we’ve now decided that this is the time to start serious saving. A few of our friends have recently bought houses and it’s really made us start thinking and getting excited about eventually owning a house. Each month we’re going to put away more money and hopefully in a couple years we should have saved enough.

Read more books

When I was younger I loved reading. I would always have my nose in a book and I would get through books so quickly. When we went on family holidays I used to take 4 or 5 books to make sure I would have enough for the week or two. I’m not sure exactly when I stopped reading as much but it’s been a while. In 2018 I did start getting back into reading as I started the Harry Potter books for the first time. This year I wanted to read the rest of Harry Potter and a few other books as well.

Grow my blog

At the moment my blog is quite small and I am so proud of what I’ve achieved so far but this year I aim to grow my blog a lot more. I have a planner which should help me plans out future posts. I’ve also started looking at using Pinterest for my blog, not just for browsing. Another thing I want to do is improve my content, the quality of what I write and the quality of my photos.

I’m really excited for this year and I am really determined to make my goals happen.

What are your goals for this year?

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5 thoughts on “2019 Goals

  1. Good luck with all of your goals I’m sure you’ll do great! I love that diary in your picture it’s so pretty. In terms of saving money for a mortgage, if neither of you have had one before I strongly recommend opening a help to buy isa, you can put up to £200 a month in (you could both open one so you have double) and whatever you have when you close it the government will give you 25% of that total towards your house deposit, well worth doing it’s how we’re affording to move and we’ve been saving less than 2 years!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com


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