The Best Day Of My Life

In my last post about our recent trip to Tenby I hinted about something very exciting that happened but I wanted to do a separate post about it.

We got ENGAGED!!!!!

While we were on the cliff top Joe proposed to me and I of course said yes (while having a massive breakdown lol)

A couple years ago when we went away to Tenby we sat on a bench on this hill and talked about our future. It was probably the most in depth conversation we’d had and we really planned out our lives. We talked about moving to Tenby, getting married, having children. We even discussed what we would do if we were needed back here when our parents were older. Joe recently said that he knew pretty much then that there was where he wanted to propose.

So onto the bit that everyone loves to hear, how it happened. So we went for a walk on the cliff top and Joe suggested sitting down for a bit. A man was sitting on the bench we sat on so we sat on another one. Joe did say a couple times that he wanted the man to move so we could sit on that one. At the time I was laughing about it and said something like it doesn’t matter that were not sitting on the same bench. It’s funny now because I obviously know the reason why Joe was so bothered about that particular bench.

So anyway we were sitting on this bench for probably about half an hour talking laughing and just having the best time. We took loads of pictures (the laughing ones are our faves). It was probably the best laugh we have had together in a while. Joe then noticed that the guy was getting up so said let’s move quickly. The bench we were sitting on was on a hill and as I got up quickly I nearly fell down the hill while Joe was quickly trying to untie Rory from the bench to move to the other one. Once we were on the bench Joe started saying how he had been quite stressed lately and I said well there’s been a lot of things going on (a lot crap things have happened in the last couple months) and this is where he said that there was another reason he has been stressed. He then got up in front of me, took out the ring box, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was a wreck! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever cried as much as I did when he proposed. I just kept saying really? Are you serious? He did tell me not to look at the ring which I did think was weird but after I said yes he explained the reason he said that. My actual ring wasn’t ready in time for our holiday and Joe didn’t want to wait. He said he didn’t want to propose anywhere else so he would then have to wait until our next trip and he said he didn’t want to wait that long. He thought of a few different ideas of what to do about the ring and he decided to buy me a temporary ring so I could at least wear a ring until he we got home and could go and pick up the real one. It’s kind of funny because the temporary ring is basically the complete opposite of what I like (I really don’t like yellow gold on myself) but I actual loved it. I think it’s because it’s the ring he proposed with so I would love it no matter what. We then just sat on the bench together a bit longer before going to buy some Lego to build later on.

The proposal was perfect and I 100% agree with the place being more important than the ring being ready so I am so glad he still proposed instead of waiting until he had the ring. The next day while we were shopping in Saundersfoot I bought a wedding planner to get started with planning. Before we got engaged we always said that once we were we would be getting married within 2 or 3 years, but now we’re actually engaged we feel like there’s no rush to get married and we’ve also decided that we want to buy a house first so that’s what were currently saving for. As soon as we get a house we’ll start saving and properly planning our wedding.


Tenby is now even more of a special place to us both and I still can’t believe we’re engaged!

Thanks for reading

Speak soon



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