Ever since I was a little kid I have wanted a dog. I begged my parents for one but they always said no. More specifically I have wanted a West Highland Terrier. I’m not sure when my obsession with them began I’ve just always loved them (my mom said it when I was around 5 or 6). When Joe and I moved in together in May 2016 I kept asking him if we could get a dog and he kept saying no our landlord won’t let us. Then in September last year I managed to talk Joe into the idea of us getting a dog and he agreed to ask the landlord just to find out if we could. Our landlord said it was okay with him if our neighbours said yes (we live in a block of 4 flats) It was either the Tuesday or Wednesday (think it was  Wednesday) I was at work until around 7 so Joe got home before me. When I got home we told me he’d asked the neighbours if we could get a dog and he literally told the story so slow and made it sound like they said no but they all said yes!! (I legit started crying) I think we found Rory the next day and asked to pick him up the Saturday. So Saturday 23rd September we drove down to Essex to get him.

We spent so long trying to think of a name before we got him. We went through all our favourite films and TV shows for inspiration and we decided on the name Rory as one of Doctor Who’s companions was called Rory.

When we first arrived home with him he was so nervous, if we walked anywhere near him he would run off but it didn’t take too long for him to get comfortable with us.

The people we bought Rory from weren’t the best. I think something a bit dodgy was going on as we were told by the woman that he was due for his second injection. However, when I booked in with the vets they asked what was the first injection he had as they wanted to make sure it was compatible so Joe texted the man and asked him. The husband then told us it was made very clear that Rory was overdue his first jab (he was 3 months old when we got him) it wasn’t made clear at all (in fact it was the complete opposite). So we had to start the whole vaccination course later than he should have been having them which also meant we couldn’t start taking him for walks as soon as we should have been.

Another thing that put a bit of a downer on the new experience of a dog was that for the first 6 months of us having Rory he was ill. I won’t go into too much detail but basically he wasn’t going to the toilet great and he was also going too often. We took Rory to the vets where they did some tests and found out he had giardia.  We were given an extra strength wormer to cure it. He still wasn’t any better so we kept taking him to the vets and every time we were told to either change his food (which we did 4/5 times) or were told to just keep going with the new food we were trying at the time. Fast forward to April when we were away for my birthday and our friends saw how Rory was and suggested trying a different vet as we clearly weren’t getting answers from our current vet. As soon as we got back from Barry we took Rory to a different vet where they did some tests and found out he still had giardia! We couldn’t believe that he still had it and that the previous vets never thought to check if it had actually been cured. The new vet gave me some tablets to give him and literally the next day he was already so much better. We couldn’t believe the difference in 24 hours. It was really annoying that if it had been cured the first time we wouldn’t have had to go through months of stress and worry.

Even with all that it has still been such a great year. Rory is the best thing that has happened to us. He is so curious of everything and so cheeky and I could spend hours just watching him. I absolutely adore him and I love how the flat doesn’t feel lonely when Joe’s not home.  My new favourite thing to do is just lazing about with Joe and Rory watching a film together (Rory loves watching tv and films, and not just when dogs are on the screen). We’ve now been on 2 short holidays with him and I can’t wait to go on more.

Still can’t believe that I finally have my dream dog.

I also made Rory his own Instagram, its rorythewestie if you’re interested in giving him a follow.

Thanks for reading

Speak soon





1 thought on “Rory

  1. butterflies and boundaries October 5, 2018 — 5:56 pm

    This was heartwarming 💗

    My new blog post is here 🍁🍂🧡
    Would love for you to read and leave a comment! Lots of love x


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