Getting my knee tattooed/ Starting my Disney leg

So sorry that this post is late. I’m not going to come up with an excuse as to why I’m a crappy blogger, I just am.

I am a big Disney fan and have wanted a Disney tattoo for ages but I wasn’t sure what to get. I decided to have Stitch and Winnie the Pooh on the side of my ribs as they are my favourite characters. But I wasn’t sure about that idea and I do want my legs to be covered in tattoos so I thought why not cover part of my right leg with tattoos of my favourite Disney characters and films.

It made sense to start at the top and get my knee done first. While looking through Pinterest a while ago I came across this drawing and loved it. It fits so well below my thigh tattoo that isn’t part of the Disney piece but it looks good how the tattoos flow (if that makes sense?) I tried putting together a rough design for what I’m looking to get so I could show the tattooist rather than trying to explain but I’m so bad at that kind of stuff so  Joe put it together for me and I fell in love with the design.

I got it done Thursday 6th and it took about 3 hours to do. I was so scared when I got there as I know a few people who have had their knees tattooed and they have said it hurt a lot. I honestly don’t think it was painful at all. There were a couple of moments that hurt a little bit but the pain was nothing compared to getting my sternum tattoo. I think one of the reasons it might not have hurt that much is because there isn’t much tattoo on my actual kneecap its more around it. I decided to have some dot work as well as shading as I love the look of dot work and it always goes well with my other tattoos as my left thigh is just shading and my right thigh is just dot work.

I absolutely love it and it’s probably my new favourite. I can wait to get the rest of my leg done.


On Saturday I spent 4 hours getting the front of my leg started. Most of it is done there is just a bit of shading left to do. I also booked in for the start of January (after Christmas so I can actually afford it). I will write a post about the rest of my leg once it is all finished but in the meantime you’ll be able to see progress pictures on my Instagram.

I promise the next post will definitely be up on time. Let me know what your favourite Disney film is

Speak soon



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