What’s on my Pandora Bracelet?

For my 18th birthday I was bought a Pandora bracelet after wanting one for a long time. Since then for various occasions people have bought me charms. I thought it would be a nice little post to show you what each charm is on my bracelet and the meaning behind them. I can’t really remember what order I got the charms and exactly who bought a couple of them but I’ll explain the best I can.


I got the paw print charm for my 21st birthday (I’m pretty sure it was from my brother) and it is to represent my dog, Rory.

The next charm on the bracelet is the rabbit charm from my dad. I got this charm for my rabbit after he died as I had him for nearly 11 year.

This is pretty obvious that I got the 21 charm for my 21st birthday and it was from my mom.

I’ve loved Winnie the Pooh ever since I was child so for my 21st Joe bought me this charm

He also bought me the Mrs Potts and Chip charm for Christmas as Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite films.

My mom bought me the carousel charm while we were in store buying another charm. I really liked this charm but I couldn’t find it on the website anymore so I asked about it. The shop assistant said they no longer sell it but they did still have a couple left in store. I’m so glad they still had some as I love carousels; I think they’re so beautiful.

Joe bought me the Chamilia happy anniversary for one our 2nd or 3rd anniversary (I think). I hadn’t ever looked at Chamilia charms before but I think it’s so pretty.

The 18 charm was bought by my mom for my 18th birthday at the same time as we purchased the bracelet.

The Chamilia love hearts charm was also from Joe for the same anniversary. He had bought me another charm which was an angel wing however it broke.

The birthstone charm was bought by one of my aunties for my 18th birthday. My mom, my auntie and I usually go shopping before my birthday and this was the occasion my bracelet was purchased so my auntie asked me to pick another charm so she could get me one.

I think the daughter charm was from my dad and I think it was for one Christmas. I think it’s really pretty but they don’t sell this design anymore.

The globe charm was also from my dad and it represents my love of travelling and visiting new places. This one is actually a clip instead of a charm.

My mom bought me the safety chain when we bought my bracelet to make it extra secure so it doesn’t fall off.

I do also have a blue bead and a black bead however I decided to take them off and just have charms on it.

I love Pandora bracelets as you can represent parts of your life through the charms that you have.

Thanks for reading

Speak soon



Links to the charms that are still available:

Paw: https://uk.pandora.net/en/charms/charms/pave-paw-charm/791714CZ.html?navid=search

Winnie the pooh: https://uk.pandora.net/en/disney/disney-winnie-the-pooh-portrait-charm/791566.html?cgid=DISNEY&src=categorySearch

Mrs Potts & Chip: https://uk.pandora.net/en/disney/disney-mrs.-potts-chip-charm/792141ENMX.html?cgid=DISNEY&src=categorySearch

Globe: https://uk.pandora.net/en/charms/clips/globe-clip/791182.html

2 thoughts on “What’s on my Pandora Bracelet?

  1. butterflies and boundaries September 7, 2018 — 4:07 pm

    Such a cool idea for a blog post honey! Should do one on mine really but I don’t have many charms on bracelet, I hate weighing it down xx

    You can check out my latest blog post here, let me know your thoughts; 💗


    1. Thank you!

      Love your post, I think its such a good nice to just write down whatever you’re thinking/ feeling at the time x

      Liked by 1 person

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