Blackhead Remover Mask

You’ve probably seen loads of people trying out blackhead remover masks (there’s loads of videos on Facebook) I thought I would try one out to see if they actually do work. The one I was bought was One1X purifying peel off mask. I bought it from amazon and I choose this as it had good reviews.

I’ve used this mask twice and honestly I am a bit disappointed. It is a bit difficult to put on your face and you need to put quite a lot on. The consistency of the mask is a bit like tar, and it’s so difficult to wash off your hands.  It is recommended to keep the mask on for 20-30 minutes. It does dry really quickly and it literally felt like I couldn’t move my face.

In lots of videos I’ve seen of people trying it out they are nearly crying when peeling it off. These people are not exaggerating that much, it really did hurt. The worst parts were probably on the side of my face and around my eyes.  After I had peeled most of it off, I washed the remaining bits off with warm water. After I used the mask my skin did feel really soft and smooth but it didn’t look any different apart from the red marks the mask had caused.

Overall I don’t rate the product as it didn’t do what I thought it would and my smooth face only lasted a couple of hours.

Speak soon



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