Lush Haul

I’ve always been more of a shower person than a bath person, some people could happily have a bath for hours but literally after lying there for not even 5 minutes I’m ready to get out. I am trying to become a bath person as when especially when it’s really cold, so with my Christmas money I thought I would treat myself to some lush products. They had also just brought out their Valentine ’s Day range so I made my order at the perfect time.

Bath bombs

The experimenter (£4.25)

Cupid (£2.95)

Lover lamp (£4.25)

Intergalactic (£4.25) which I actually used before writing this blog post

Twilight (£3.75)

Bubble bars

Rose jam (£3.95)

The comforter (£4.95


The kiss lip scrub (£5.75)

Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask (£6.95)

Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion (£3.50)

So far I have used the intergalactic bath bomb which was so pretty and turned the bath water into a glittery dark blue shade. I also tried the lip scrub which was really good and tasted so nice! The catastrophe face mask did make my face feel smooth however applying the face mask did feel weird as there are bits in there (not sure what they are?) but overall I am very happy with my purchases and can’t wait to start using them all.

Speak Soon



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