Hello 2017

I know it’s a little bit late but Happy New Year!


Last year was such a roller coaster year, I know everyone says this every year but 2016 truly was full of so many ups and downs for me but I’m determined to make this year a much happier year.

Towards the end of each year I set some goals for myself to try and achieve the following year:

  • Blogging

I want to regularly upload on my blog, probably every two weeks. I didn’t post anything in December as I had some posts planned but they didn’t go to plan. I also had a lot of university work to complete but I am determined to stick to an upload schedule.

  • Get more organised and motivated

This links to my blog as well but I want to get a lot more organised with my blog. I am going to write a list of ideas I have and schedule when I am going to upload the posts. I also want to get more organised and motivated with my university work which leads onto my next goal…

  • 2:1 overall this year

I am currently in my second year of university and I want to do a lot better on my assignments than I did last year. I know how much work and effort I need to put in for my assignments so I am determined to achieve a good grade this year.

  • Lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle

This is probably my main goal for this year as I say it every year but I feel like this may be the year where I actually achieve this goal. I am not happy with my weight so I want to lose  a lot to make me feel happier and more confident about myself. Towards the end of 2016 I did start eating a lot better and cooking proper meals from scratch and I am determined to carry on doing that this year.

  • Travelling

Another big goal I want to achieve this year is to travel to a lot of new places and see more of the world. I don’t necessarily mean other countries; there are lots of towns I haven’t been to that are only a few hours drive from me so I want to see all these places. But I would like to visit other countries as well.

I feel really determined to achieve all of my goals this year and make 2017 an amazing year for me.

Speak Soon



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