Candle Collection

One of the things I absolutely love is candles. There’s nothing like coming home and lighting an amazing smelling candle to make you feel all warm and cosy.  As many people share my love for candles; I thought I would write a post showing my candle collection.

Before I get started I thought I’d just tell you that I’m quite bad at explaining scents but I’ll try my best

The first candle I ever owned was Midsummers Night by Yankee Candle. As you can tell from the picture this candle has been used a lot. The scent of this candle is quite difficult to describe but it smells a bit earthy which is probably because it has plant extracts in it.


Kilimanjaro Stars is another Yankee Candle I have. The smell is very rich and strong and again is difficult to explain. The best way to describe the scent is again earthy.


Pink sands is my favourite Yankee candle I own as it smells really sweet and floral. It’s also really pretty to look at.


My pomegranate and pineapple candle from Clintons is such a refreshing smell. It smells very fruity and fresh. I would say that the pomegranate stands out more than the pineapple. I have the candle in my living room as I think it’s a good scent for the room.


I was given the mulled wine candle from my auntie a few months ago and I’ve been saving it for Christmas. It smells really Christmas as its very fruity and does smell like mulled wine (which I don’t actually like to drink but the smell is nice)


My Nan gave me the 3 candles sitting on my dressing table as she doesn’t light candles and she was given these as a present. There were originally four but I lit one a while ago. The smell is very floral and smells like vanilla as well. I put them on my dressing table because I thought they would look pretty.


The butterfly candle sitting on my dressing table is from the range and it’s so pretty. The scent is probably vanilla but it’s difficult to say and the smell isn’t very strong. I don’t think I will light this candle as its too pretty to look at and I think its look good on my dressing table.


Hope you liked hearing about my candle collection. Let me know what candles you recommend.

Speak soon



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