Mini MAC Haul

Before my spontaneous mini haul I actually only owned one MAC product, a lipstick in the shade Velvet Teddy. I’ve recently dyed my hair and I thought darker may now look okay on me as my hair is darker too so I treated myself to some lip products.


The first product I bought was a lipstick in the shade whirl. The colour is a nudey brown colour and is a really nice everyday shade or if you want a subtle look.  It is now my new favourite lipstick.


I also bought whirl in the lip liner as well as I don’t own any lip liners. Lip liners are a much more important product now then a couple years ago and I really like the look of finished lips with a liner. I’m not actually that good at using one at the moment but I’m excited to try it out.


I also bought a lipstick in the shade Red Rock. I currently only own 2 red lipsticks; one is a dark red and the other is an orangey red so I wanted a deep red shade. When I had lighter hair red lipstick didn’t look good on me but I thought maybe now I’ve got darker hair a red lip may look okay. I’m really happy with the colour and I will definitely be rocking a red lip a lot more from now on.


The last product I purchased was the retro matt liquid lipstick in the shade high drama. Again I thought it may look nice with my darker hair. The colour is really nice however when I tried it out I found it to be a bit difficult to apply as it’s a liquid lipstick however with practise I’m sure it will look fine.

Let me know if there are any other MAC products or lipstick shades I should try.

Speak Soon



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