Favourite Christmas Adverts This Year

Favourite Christmas Adverts This Year

Every Christmas I always look forward to seeing what adverts that people come up with; so I thought I would talk about some of my favourite Christmas adverts this year.


If you know me you’ll know my favourite dog is a west highland terrier and I have one. So when I saw this advert I was like its a westie!! The rest of the advert is pretty nice as well but the dog is the important. My family also like this advert for the same reason.


The McDonalds advert is really cute. I really like the animation style of it and Archie the reindeer is adorable.

John Lewis

Every year everyone looks forward to the John Lewis advert. Last year many people were not a fan of it (me included) but this year it was really nice. This year it had the proper John Lewis feel. You felt a bit sad at the start and felt sorry for Edgar the dragon but then there is a happy ending.


I still really love Kevin the carrot

One advert I thought I would mention; (I’m not sure if I would call it a favourite because its really sad) is the Dogs trust advert.

This advert is heartbreaking. I cannot believe that they have to say that a dog is for life not just for Christmas; I just do not understand how people can not know that. It is a powerful advert and hopefully the message will get through to people.

What are your favourite Christmas adverts this year?

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